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From the Short Story to Poetry to Script Writing and Publicity
The Write Club is the place for your creative writing child to be
” Henry is an original thinker and engaging poet and writer! He always puts a huge amount of effort and thought into all his classes. The children love to follow his lead in whichever literacy direction he takes them.”
Gay Wales; (Principal, Melbourne Montessori School)
“Let me take this opportunity to Thank You Henry for the opportunity and honor to have you work with the students at our school as a poet in residence.
You are such and inspiring poet and have encouraged our students write the most beautiful, creative and mature poems. You brought the intrigue of language by allowing the students to write original poetry. You have woven your magic skills and kept the students spellbound when they wrote their odes. You sparked their imaginations and made their words and images come to life. Thanks again.”
Yasmin (Class Teacher, Melbourne Montessori School)
“Write Club is a place where you create your own ideas and make them into a story.  It teaches you things like how to create tension and the structure of a story.  Henry encourages you to use your own ideas but if you are stuck he inspires you with new ideas.  He is a very kind and thoughtful teacher.”
Lila Age 7, (Melbourne Montessori School)